In the rainbow

In the rainbow2015Primary schoolGCRS 全球铸爱应急救灾物资交易中心, ikuku website
Kai Wang; Shuxi Wang; Yinhao Lin625 m2Kathmandu, NepalCompetition
In the rainbow2015
Primary schoolGCRS 全球铸爱应急救灾物资交易中心, ikuku website
Kai Wang; Shuxi Wang; Yinhao Lin625 m2
Kathmandu, NepalCompetition

"You can give someone food but you can't give them an appetite. You can give them shelter, but not a home. You can give them materials to rebuild their homes, but not to rebuild their lives. You can give them a blanket, but not sleep." - Eliza Cheung, a mental health supporter at the Red Cross

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Children are the hope of a society. By bringing back joy to children, the school radiates happiness to the surrounding neighbourhood. The school is fully openable at ground level, posting a welcoming gesture to all. It is not merely a school, but also the centre of the neighbourhood, a peaceful resort.

We try to create a dreamy learning and playing space where the kids can forget what happened for a moment, a place they play, learn, and become kids again. Nepal is a colorful and peaceful place and we want to recreate that. we create a soft layer of colorful cloth to diffuse natural light. Diffused colors fill the space with joy and create an alienated world of imagination.

We try to facilitate not only classrooms, but also in-door sports space, events room, open space for music or fine arts class, etc., things we take for granted in a general primary school. Everything is under the same roof and kids can feel each other, which is important in difficult times.

We aim for a high level of modularity, with standardised construction elements. The program of the school should change according to different circumstances, by introducing different configuration of curtains, classrooms and more or less modules.