A good prison

Name Year Type Client
A good prison 2016 prison Combo competition (England)
Collaborators Size Location Status
Kai Wang; Shuxi Wang; Yinhao Lin; Yang Zhang 145,411 m2 Arizona, USA Competition
Name Year
A good prison 2016
Type Client
prison Combo competition (England)
Collaborators Size
Kai Wang; Shuxi Wang; Yinhao Lin; Yang Zhang 145,411 m2
Location Status
Arizona, USA Competition

-What is a good prison?
A good prison is narrative story about self-salvation, about the Utopian of Heterotopia. It is an autonomy leading evil to searching good. The good prison is instrument, presenting a moral puzzle in selective order. Through the ordered space, inmates themselves experience re-correction space. Each space has specific syntax. The processing of punishment represents processing of participating through the rules which are defined by the space reflection on re-correction scenario in four orders. In the meanwhile, observation, corporation and communication are main syntax.
“Discipline created a whole new form of individuality for bodies, which enabled them to perform their duty” — Foucault

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-It is introverted concave, filling with the archipelago of social morality.

Gate - Base on the desert, good prison is hidden, without gates on the enclosed wall, it is cladding with metal reflection on the surrounding. The centre only connects with subterranean tunnel leading to a small door, de-touching from the wall.

-Forth order: Clusters
“Earth”- Forth order leads inmates respect the general social form. Division work and corporation are essential task. 6 equal clusters catalogued by the different imprison time at beginning. 84 inmates compose 12 groups. The smallest working network accommo-dates 7 inmates. They are living and working together, exchanging and sharing the results with others. The work includes growing the corn, wheat and beans, raising chicken and goat, working in the factory, workshop, and serving in the canteen. Occupation will be distributed according the interests in small groups.

-Third order: Discipline
-Discipline is embedded in the activity scenario divided into three subjects- body, mental and nature.
Athletic Club - Organization of physical buildup and competition are the aim. Basket-ball field, running track and boxing stage represent different form of competition. Body buildup, cultivating the group work set as the target. Each clusters selects the talents as a team to participate in competition every year. The daily training, it will happen around the void, Solid space transformed into auditorium enclose the sporting field, during the competition.
Treatment Centre - Self-repentance and group repentance occupied the void space as circle, group repentance radius is 20m, inmates confront with others repenting. The circle as small as 5m-10m radius is used as self-repentance, the wall become the repenting object. Medical treatment is essential scenes for physical therapy, It demands quite with fully enclosed and partition space, around the circle.
Knowledge Centre - Knowledge shelves as step shape the space. Blocks are divided as subjects. Related to personal interests, skills, and background, Some books are edited by inmates, and read by inmates. Integrating with the solitary workshop, inmates create the theme group for participation, linking with teaching and learning. Inmates are the teachers and students, they exchange the merit. Each identity will be stressed.

-Second order: Baptism
Baptism space regards as the mental therapy. Three public space confront with three subjects - body, mental and nature, juxtaposing as a whole public.
Hortus - Nature is original of life. It provides the slice to treat madness. Calm down place with the diversity of Arizona desert plants aims to reduce the stress from violence with color, smell, scale from nature, impacting on health as well. Cactus, Saguaro, Rose-wood merge with secret activities potentially happen in it. Nature increases the emotional convey.
Celestial Bath - It broken the social indifferent. Push the body back to the nature. Locker rooms and showers compose the wall as the background. By facing the body, inmates drive back to an individual with pure identity and personality into the society. Talking, laughing, cheesing, enjoying the sun, drinking all present the real life without chain. It mutual equal but no one is the same.
Gridscape - “The grid claims the superiority of mental construction over reality”. The absolution of the grid is without hierarchy, centre and inflection. In the other way, Un-hierarchy grid create a new background with the activities. Columns create vertical frame as the generic 3d base. The belief system has be re-written in the space. Without the any religious constrain, inmates mix together to celebrate festival. Unity space become festival carnival.

-First order: Republic
“Moon” - “Moon” stands in the centre, is observed by every inmates in everywhere, at every time. “Moon” provides a new discipline of panopticon, which is public observation. Republic order become the new power centre, bringing it back to the humanity. “Moon” holds rite of election and re-election every year. Candidates are from the 6 clusters. The role of the senates are the representation for the clusters to script the law, reward and punishment. In the rite, every inmates could vote, debate, speak out. Power give back to inmates themselves.