Invisible Bund:The Grand Shanghailand Project – BUND Manifesto

The BUND Invisible: “The Grand Shanghailand Project The BUND Invisible: “The Grand Shanghailand Project ” exhibition is mainly divided into two parts: 2001 and 2021. Compared with 2001, the Grand Shanghailand Project 2021 is completed by a new generation of designers and artists. It consists of four parts: The Bund Waterfront Vitality Belt-The Bund Declaration, […]

“Red” House & “Blue” House

The changes in housing and in the land on which houses leave their imprint become signs of this daily life. ——“ The Architecture of the City” Aldo Rossi       Housing is universal and durable topic,it also has a particularity. According to statistics from the United Nations, more than 50% of the world’s population […]

JOA Shanghai new office

Shanghai is transitioning, and the contemporary cosmopolitan values of a city are superimposed over the fading text of the palimpsest. Located in the industrial zone’s Yangpu District, the architecture office JOA has opened their doors. During the 19th century, important factories, and shipyards, some built by German industrialists, defined a mechanistic landscape. Today, the area […]