Ice Pavilion

Name Year Type Client
Ice Pavilion 2009 Pavilion Carleton University
Collaborators Size Location Status
Jordan 5 - 6 m2 Ottawa, Canada Completed
Name Year
Ice Pavilion 2009
Type Client
Pavilion Carleton University
Collaborators Size
Jordan 5 - 6 m2
Location Status
Ottawa, Canada Completed

The concept for our pavilion was ephemerality. We wanted to create a visual and psychological impact by using less physical material. We decided to use light and water vapour to create a volume which would help defined the limits of our pavilion.

A very thin piece of metal holds its shape when it is cold rolled. With less metal we were able to cover a wider surface by using the structural properties of the thin steel sheets.

Using white pencil on black paper to sketch illuminating effects, we imagined large volumes of light which would become the enclosure of our pavilion.

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Keeping with the theme of lightness and ephemerality, we designed chairs using left- over issues of the school newspaper to form cushy mushroom-like seating which could be recycled.

Thinness and lightness were the objectives for the roof design. Sheets of 1.5mm steel seemed to float like paper when stretched over slender poles.

We found that the pavilion became much larger when we used a projector and reflected beams of light into water vapour. As the fire heated blocks of ice, and the ice melted, evaporating water acted as a series of micro -surfaces around the pavilion and morphed into a kind of shifting, light-altering volume.