From 12-11-2021 to 12-12-2021,JOA Team participated the exhibition "The bund invisible - The Grand Shanghailand Project". the future of the bund has been imaged into 26 different scenes with diverse ideology, which represent the future of Shanghai Land.

From 12-11-2021 to 12-12-2021,JOA Team published a book called "The Bund Manifesto" for the exhibition "The bund invisible - The Grand Shanghailand Project".

09-12-2021, There has three projects designed by JOA Team, awarded the winner of the best of public building in 2021, Such as the book tower in Warsaw; Sport Archipelago in Turin and City projection in South Korean. In the meanwhile, the Warsaw "Book Tower" win best of the best architecture in Public Building of 2021 in IFA festival!

12-03-2022 ,JOA Team participated the exhibition "out of Focus" in Shanghai. The main subject is researching the original Ningguo market in Chengdu city. The proposal is associated with the " bottom up" approach to tracing the sound instead of the visual object, trying to understand the new city context of common people's daily life.

01-02-2022 , Happy New Year!

01-12-2021, JOA Shanghai new office design has been published in the interior design magazine called " id+c"

03-03-2022 ,the project of HongWang HQ has been broken ground and started building, The project will take fully 2 years to be closed the top ceiling. Let's look forward for the our first under construction project with 42176 m2 in Guangdong province, Foshan city.

From 01-01-2022 ,JOA team are working on the project of rooftop space renovation in Shanghai, aiming to explode a new public domain, in which it contains most interesting commercial activities and 360 degree view of the city. It will become a new commercial typology in the future.

09-12-2021, JOA designed the Warsaw "Book Tower" win best of the best architecture in Public Building of 2021 in IFA festival!

1st-10-2020 ,JOA team moved into a new office space which transformed from an old industry factory located in Shanghai!

25-01-2020 ,JOA team participated 2019 Shenzhen Architecture Biennale with research topic " Post - Anthropocene" !

20-09-2019 ,JOA team designed the " Book Tower" win the first prize of "Libgen: Towards a new class of evolutionary libraries" International competition!

On 02-10-2019, JOA team designed the sport complex in Turin city named " Sport Archipelago" won the third prize of Competition.

On 05-05-2021, JOA team participated the SABU 2021 in Seoul, South Korean.

On 02-03-2019, The Co-founder Kai Wang gaven the presentation in HongKong Pechakucha.

10-12-2018, the Co-founder of JOA has given a presentation with topic " Copy & Not Paste" in Suzhou University

On 09-03-2021, The Co-founder of JOA - Kai Wang gave the lecture at UA design Institution in Shanghai about the topic “from Surreal to real”

On 04-11-2019, The Co-founder Kai Wang became the guest tutor for the workshop with XJTLU and Seoul university.

On 24-10-2019, The Co-founder Kai Wang gave the lecture for HMD design institution.

On 18-10-2019, The Co-founder of JOA - Kai Wang give the lecture at Shuishi Institution in Shanghai about the topic “Copy &Not Paste”

16-08-2019, the Co-founder of JOA has given a presentation with topic " Copy & Not Paste" in Shanghai Chenzhi Institution

24-09-2018 , new research topic _ " a tale of two cities "
the new research studio is launch on 2018, September, the topic is around to exploding the two city _Rotterdam and Shanghai, through typology methodology to explaining the city story and with new future intervention of Architecture, to find the new possibility of the future urban development and new living condition.

24-09-2018 , Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

20-08-2018 , 2018 Summer Workshop_Amsterdam Orphanage Renovation
The founders of JOA - Kai Wang with UPRO institution from Shanghai creates the new workshop for this coming summer 2018, the topic is focus on the rethinking the new condition of Amsterdam Orphanage for the new future environment.

15-02-2018 , Rethinking the Public domain
The founders of JOA Kai Wang and Yinghao Lin publish the new articles - "What we learn from Acampada" and "Fall of the public domain" in CNKI and Magzine - “FANYI Proposal”Ⅹ about the topic of "Self - Cultivation in Public Space".

14-02-2018 , Happy Valentine's Day

24-12-2017, Happy Xmas

01-06-2017, The Co-founder of JOA - Kai Wang give the lecture at Tongji University about the topic “Architect Position”

On 28-01-2017, The project “a good prison” is featured in “ World Architecture Review’ magazine.

28-01-2017, Happy Chinese New Year!

17-09-2017, UPRO Summer Workshop
Kai Wang as co-founder of Just open architecture attend the workshop organized by UPRO institution from Tongji University, together with two Rotterdam young architecture office - DROM & Architecture for Urbanity (AFU)

04-07-2017 / Post industry city - Utena ( Lithuania )
Just open architecture is going to research and transform the post industry city - Utena in Lithuania. The property of site is located on the one of polycenters which in the future the city will be fully focus on developing. It is in-between the old city center which is generated around the lake and the industry area in terms of  beer, second hand cars and cheese.

On 21-09-2017, JOA won the honorable prize for Huaxia primary school library competition

From 28-09-2016 to 04-12-2016, The project which was made for an ideal prison system, facing current situation at Arizona (USA). It explains an unexpected utopia society, growing with local ideology, aiming to reflect on the topic about “what is utopia” and “what is good for the society”. More information is presenting on the website.

From 01-06-2015, The project of Lund summer holiday villa is called “ burned is new black” , the villa is an hidden object becoming the treasure from the nature . It is a new exploding between human and nature. It is kind of researching project which communicate between how is our living condition? and how to deal with it? the project will be constructed at beginning of April 2017.

This exhibition is an collaboration among JOA, Centre of International Cultural Exchange, Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and EMGdotART Foundation. JOA was in charge of the exhibition space design and installation. The exhibition is part of the official 2015 Milan Expo catalogue as theme links with food.