Just Open Architecture

'Based in Rotterdam, JOA was founded in 2014 by Chinese and Canadian architects Kai Wang, Yinghao Lin and Jordan Yerbury on the core belief that our design process is 'OPEN'. Our fresh approach to design not only meets our client's needs, it benefits municipalities, the environment, and end-users. 
At JOA, we believe that our perspicacious design attitude fosters 'OPEN' dialogue, and ultimately results in better architecture. We emphasise communication and collaboration; providing research and rigorous experimentation, as part of our approach. We consider these steps essential; and part of our duty is to clarify complex layers of meaning. Our diverse team emphasises sensitivity to the building sites and those cultures which fuel our work. We strive to uncover meaningful significance in every project; avoiding assumptions and cliches, often surprising ourselves when we discover how people work, live, and play in different parts of the planet.
Our'OPEN' design process essentially permits us to formalize our client's vision and knowledge; launching even the most abstract concepts into reality. JOA 's realised projects are also supported by research conducted at the Delft University of Technology and Academy of Amsterdam. JOA 's step-by-step design process is open and traceable; encouraging clients to actively take part in the design process, in order to measurably improve communities and user-experience.'