Qianhai 20

Name Year Type Client
Qianhai 20 2014 Masterplan Shenzhen Government
Collaborators Size Location Status
KCAP and Kai Wang © KCAP 18920,000 m2 Shenzhen, China Commission
Name Year
Qianhai 20 2014
Type Client
Masterplan Shenzhen Government
Collaborators Size
KCAP and Kai Wang © KCAP 18920,000 m2
Location Status
Shenzhen, China Commission

Qian Hai district of Shenzhen has to become a new and vibrant 21st century city. A new city that is dense, compact, mixed, sustainable and centered around the area’s most important resource – water. After having studied the development strategy for Shenzhen, the masterplan for Qian- Hai and after reading the control plan we summarize the project direction as the ultimate strategy for bringing the city onto another level of its unique and already celebrated urban development paradigm. This shift will position Qian Hai at the forefront of the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau mega-region.

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The site is surrounded by city fast road and main road. There are many warehouses and factories on the site. There is not yet a clear internal road structure. Pingnan railway is running through the site, connecting the harbor, our site and the rest of the city as one of the most important logistic connection.

Qianhai 20 will transition of Nature and man-made land, anticipate the key connections in wider context.
Qianhai 20 will create a distinguished entity with vibrant urban mixed heterogeneity.