Name Year Type Client
Raindrops 2014 Hotel AIM竞赛组委会, SMART度假地产
Collaborators Size Location Status
Kai Wang, Danli Sheng, Lingxiao Zhang, Xiaofan Deng, Ruizhi Cao 29,181 m2 Changbai Mountain, China Competition
Name Year
Raindrops 2014
Type Client
Hotel AIM竞赛组委会, SMART度假地产
Collaborators Size
Kai Wang, Danli Sheng, Lingxiao Zhang, Xiaofan Deng, Ruizhi Cao 29,181 m2
Location Status
Changbai Mountain, China Competition

The Nature
The scales of landscape were engendered by the natural environment. The liberating feeling of the space extending seemingly forever. The vastness of the Changbai mountain, the endless of the beauty pine forest, the lightness of the sky, and the fineness of the raindrops.

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The Shelter
Beside the scale of the natural environment or else natural phenomena, the nature as the existence gave a premise to the construction of an artificial environment, Architecture has been formulated as a shelter, a space in order to separate us from the nature. It is a small sheltering space built within the vast environment.

The Space
By rethinking the line between the Nature and the Shelter, we can rediscover a new world of another scale of the engaging of the natural environment and man's artificial environment in the conception of architecture. The Raindrop, a man-made environment as the boundary of natural and artificial, has grown steadily more ambiguous. The new environment is taking shape.

The Design
The Raindrop, as the concept of tent hotel, is composed by a flexible light structure system and a sphere shaped tent system. By applying the lighting foundation and steel structure system, the tent could be easily constructed combined and organized inside the beauty pine forest. The tent itself is an ETFE clad sphere, which could change its position up and down via a cable system, in order to provide a different experience and environment of staying. Guests could walk in the forest and reach each tent room through a deck system, which is 2m above the ground level, in order to protect the ground level plant of the site. Solar panel, geothermal power, natural ventilation and water recycle system are integrated in the project to create a self-sufficient architectural system.