Sport Archipelago

Name Year Type Client
Sport Archipelago 2019 Competition Turin client
Collaborators Size Location Status
Kai Wang, GuangRuey Tan, Li Shuang, Lu Wenjing Turin,Italy Competition
Name Year
Sport Archipelago 2019
Type Client
Competition Turin client
Collaborators Size
Kai Wang, GuangRuey Tan, Li Shuang, Lu Wenjing
Location Status
Turin,Italy Competition


The Sports Archipelago can be defined with two principal of dimensions: Regional vs local.

Regional dimension: Based on the larger scale, with the urbanisation of Turin, the Mappano town is merged into a whole domain. As a result of the development of Juventus stadium, the sports culture and environment further evolve into the space between Mappano and Turin, specifically at the intersection of Via Galileo and highway linking De Caselle airport. As definition of the new sport domain, it will organised two kind of principal , the organic layout continuing with the urban morphology of Mappano and the grid layout continuing with the urban morphology of Turin.

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Local dimension: Based on the smaller scale, the urban context of the site is fully affected by sporting environment and the participation of the local youth. The diversity of program is identified by the local requirements and interest, and also include the necessity of maintenance of the whole sport citadel. The vivid activities and scenario contain the sport competition and entertainment. It will expand an experimental field to relating the sporting industry wildly based on the benchmark of Turin, where has two important football clubs and accommodates the winter Olympic game. The sport activities has arranged by the absolute archipelago of each identity of sport pavilions. The composition is fully related with the behavior of participates and the scenario of participation. It appears much more independent but it is also linked by the surface generating relationship with the form. The segregation of the elements aim to enlarge the identity of each sport scenario, and distinguish from each