The Rock

Name Year Type Client
The Rock 2013 Climbing center - sporting building Walltopia
Collaborators Size Location Status
Kai Wang, Zeying Song 6500 m2 Sofia, Bulgaria Competition
Name Year
The Rock 2013
Type Client
Climbing center - sporting building Walltopia
Collaborators Size
Kai Wang, Zeying Song 6500 m2
Location Status
Sofia, Bulgaria Competition

The Rock in the park
The rock and its surrounding Walltopia park is the new sport facility in Sophia. Considering the master plan of the future development of the district, the Walltopia Park intends to radiate its sport and leisure vibes to the neighbouring commercial areas. With the wall-climbing centre the Rock as an anchor, and array of sport facilities, ranging from swimming pool to beach volley ball courts, scatters on plots created by the intersecting pedestrian and bike paths.

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Entering the rock
A big cut on the volume of The Rock creates a welcoming entrance. Before you enter The Rock, you can already see the first steps of the connecting pipe which will bring visitors from the park to the roof garden of the rock. Outdoor climbing panels contribute to the pattern of The Rock’s facade. Next to the east entrance, there is an outdoor cafe on a 2.5m high platform overlooking the entire Walltopia park.

Slicing the rock
A connection pipe slices through The Rock linking the green on the ground to the green on the roof. This pipe connects all the programmes in the building and serves as the main socializing space of the building. The main climbing hall is pierced by the pipe. Visitors can have a close encounter with the climbers even they are not part of the game.
An open staircase lead climbers to the entrance of the two climbing halls - the main hall and the bouldering hall. This staircase doubles its function as an auditorium where speculators can enjoy watching climbing through the two triangular windows.

Piercing through the rock
As the main socializing space, the connection pipe brings people from the ground level park to the roof garden of The Rock. It connects all the public programmes of the building. The wide base of the pipe serves as a gathering space where lectures for climbing can happen. The narrow end of the pipe directs visitors to the rooftop cafe and the roof garden.

The cave in the rock
The main climbing hall is like a big cave with an opening towards the sky. Sunlight washes on the climbing walls. A viewing window from the piercing connection pipe allows visitors to watch climbing at a spectacular angle.