66 Home in the territory

The home is such a singular thing: it contains astonishing variation and has changed dramatically over time, yet when accumulated and set in place, it persists. Through multiplication and repetition, dwelling shapes the lasting and distinctive character of its surroundings. The studio will situate 99 homes within broader material landscapes that form the setting for contemporary debates on future ways of life. By colliding systems, storytelling and conditions beyond the sphere of the domestic, the home becomes something more than itself.

Method 1

The Home – Question the home as a stable taxonomy of parts, creating alternative associations and contemporary archetypes.

66 Home in the territory_1
△ "my uncle", Jacques Tati movie, 1958

Method 2

Big Picture, Little Picture – Unfold the home: re-imagine a retreat as a resource.

66 Home in the territory_3
△ "a space Odyssey", Kubrick movie

Method 3

The Rules of the Game – Multiply, divide, navigate and punctuate: generate new rule sets with which to stretch, stitch and shape the everyday into something distinctly unfamiliar.

66 Home in the territory_4
△ Aloof loos villa mullar Prague

Method 4

Storytelling – Inhabit proposals as synthetic compressions and animated sequences.

66 Home in the territory_5
△ “Friends”scene

Method 5

Longevity – Consider today as a tiny part of a long continuum, both social and environ-mental. Ground 99 homes across a dot, cluster or landscape.

66 Home in the territory_6
△ 2012 French movie “Amour”

Method 6

Powers of Ten – Translate a single design principle at 10 scales, from molecule to territory.

Method 7

Picasso on Vacation – Question the steady state environment and think of the home as a multiplicity of microclimates.

Method 8

Variations – Challenge every assumption: turn situations upside down, harness contra-dictions, displace elements, distort speeds and scales.

Method 9

A Way of Life – Appropriate, diversify and encourage inhabitants to meet.

Method 10

Cut, Paste, Narrate – Repeat, but with much, much less. Imagine archipelagos extending over time, snap it all back and tell a short story.











△ 第三类型学-Vilder
△ "场所精神"
66 Home in the territory_14
△ "home a short history about the idea"
66 Home in the territory_15
△ 癫狂的纽约
66 Home in the territory_16
△ 癫狂的纽约
66 Home in the territory_16
△ the elements

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