Zhoushan Performance Theater


Zhoushan City "Hello Zhoushan" Competition Organizing Committee








200 m²




Kai Wang, Xuan Luo, Peixing Yang

In the land of the cliffs of Shengshan Island, something alien from the sky descends, the metallic theater that shimmers with strange light is biting cold in the night, as if it were a relic from the world of the future, or as if it were from an alien planet, standing as cold and hard as a tower, with the curtain drawn back to play out the destiny of human beings.
Contemplating the sea and the wilderness, slowly tracing the landscape shaded by the woods, the cliffs with few human footprints, living with the wild creatures, refusing to be endowed with the same consciousness, this is not loneliness, but simply grasping yet another moment with the beauty of nature.
It’s not solitude, it’s simply grasping yet another moment of beauty with the beauty of nature, dismantling the linearity and order of time, the abolition of space in the present moment, entering into absolute longevity and stagnation, the disappearance of end and purpose. The end and purpose disappear. Transcendence and detachment from the mundane. We are oriented towards the divine and the primal.
We dance with the morning light. The stage of the universe is set for an ancient riddle. Nature and the future are intertwined. The theater of eternity. The oceans have flowed since the dawn of time. The blue is always unknown.

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