Magazine Art and Design – 276

2022-12 JOA’s project of the 2022 Shenzhen Biennale as Topic of ” how to play the gardens – finding Lalaj” has been posted on the Magazine “art and design” No.276, at page 56-57.

2022 Shenzhen Biennale

JOA participated the 2022 Shenzhen Biennale as Topic of ” how to play the gardens – finding Lalaj

WDCC Paris

JOA joined the exhibition of WDCC in Paris with topic of “the Bund invisble: the Grand Shanghailand Project”

HongWang Headquarters Break Ground

2022年3月3日,宏旺总部项目已破土动工,该项目将需要2年整封顶。 让我们一起期待我们在广东省佛山市的第一个42176平方米的在建项目。

Shanghai Rooftop

从2022年1月1日开始,JOA开间建筑团队在上海开展屋顶空间改造项目,旨在探索一个新的公共领域,其中包含最有趣的商业活动和360度城市景观。 未来将成为一种新的商业类型。

2019 Shenzhen Biennale


Libgen: Warsaw Library First Prize

2019年9月20日,JOA开间建筑团队设计的华沙图书馆“书塔”荣获 “Libgen:迈向新型进化图书馆”国际大赛一等奖!

A Tale of Two Cities

the new research studio is launch on 2018, September, the topic is around to exploding the two city _Rotterdam and Shanghai, through typology methodology to explaining the city story and with new future intervention of Architecture, to find the new possibility of the future urban development and new living condition

Hornorable Prize

On 21-09-2017, JOA won the honorable prize for Huaxia primary school library competition

Xima Laya Exhibition

2017年7月4日/ 后工业城市 – Utena(立陶宛)Just open architecture 正在研究和改造后工业城市——立陶宛的 Utena。 该地块位于未来城市将全力发展的多中心之一。 它位于湖周围的老城中心和啤酒、二手车和奶酪工业区之间。

Utena Urban Research

04-07-2017 / Post industry city – Utena ( Lithuania )Just open architecture is going to research and transform the post industry city – Utena in Lithuania. The property of site is located on the one of polycenters which in the future the city will be fully focus on developing. It is in-between the old city […]

World Architecture Review

On 28-01-2017, The project “a good prison” is featured in “ World Architecture Review’ magazine.

Sweden Private House

从01-06-2015, 瑞典隆德夏日度假住宅项目叫做“灼烧是种新的黑色”, 住宅别墅整体由于整体的黑色材料作为隐藏在森林里的宝藏。成为一种新的探索人与自然关系的可能性。成为一种探索如何跟自然共生的可能性?我们如何处理可持续发展的问题?项目本身将在2017年的四月开始建造。

Milian Expo Exhibition

2015年5月1日, JOA开间建筑参与了2015米兰世博会威尼斯分展馆的展场设计-“民以食为天”此次展览联合了中国文化宣传部,四川美术学院以及广州大石•馆。 整个展场的主题更紧密的探索了食品的制作加工流程,集合艺术和空间加以诠释,营造一种客乡却又身临其境的错觉。