Zhoushan Exhibition Center


Zhoushan City "Hello Zhoushan" Competition Organizing Committee








1700 m²




Kai Wang, Ziping Gong, Kaiyi Cui

The construction is suspected to be suspended above the pier of Temple Lake Island, with mist erupting from the bottom like life.
The mysterious atmosphere filled the room and could not be described.
Space convergence of people from all directions, peach blossom red, plum blossom white, cauliflower yellow.
Each flower is in each person’s heart, inside the eyes.
The image of nothingness, the questioning of mystery and origin, the elimination of the contours of space, levitation?
Can the mind and space reach a trust where the sacred space can open its doors, where the divine as light enters the space without breaking the wall seal.
The foggy, distant view triggers a kind of meditation, a kind of fantasy detached from reality, what is the future, nature gives an inexact answer!
It’s not only the direction that’s lost. There is also the light from the morning.
The power of nature. The power of nature. Docks and bays hold little hope.
When the sea opens its chest. It’s the time to be free. The waves wash away their power.

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