Shenzhen Eco-Bridge

As an important ecological corridor in Shenzhen’s “Mountains and Seas Connecting Cities” program, The design is based on the principle of ecological priority. Through highly fitting the habitat conditions and community composition of the surrounding mountain environment and local natural vegetation, it firstly builds a continuous and complete ecological safety pattern, repairs the ecological breakpoints, and connects the ecological network system. Deeply analyze the existing animal and plant communities, consider animal habits, create safe and harmonious animal migration corridors, and promote and guide the exchange of biological migration on both sides. Minimize artificial intervention, enhance ecosystem stability by natural nourishment, and improve plant and animal diversity.


Shenzhen Municipality










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Kai Wang, Anqi He

The roots of the city come from nature, and while mankind continues to destroy the environment in order to develop, it is also depleting and damaging our ecosystem. 

 The concept of Roots of the Earth, based on the original soil of the site, grows a new type of urban ecological and structural space that grips the two mountains and naturally integrates with their ecosystems, which symbolizes and foreshadows a new ecosystem of fusion and diversification, a multi-layered tandem. The design re-stitches the Merrill Hill and Silver Lake Hill, which were originally separated by the city roads. A three-tiered eco-rest bridge meanders through the air between the two mountains, providing a continuous and safe passage for wildlife and a unique experience for visitors. During the design process, different sizes and habits of wildlife were taken into account to minimize and avoid conflicts between visitors and animals, as well as with urban construction and highways. The eco-bridge on the bottom level increases the width to 45 meters, 1.5 times the width of Meiguan Road, which can provide a wider and safer ideal habitat and migration environment for wildlife. The middle level is constructed with lightweight structures to create a fabric pathway for visitors to walk through the canopy layer, which allows them to watch the wildlife passing through the corridor below from the bridge.

The pedestrian steel bridge is tensioned with a suspended structure as well as a support structure to the upper thin concrete shell, and the lower thin concrete shell.

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